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Rita Ora, The JV Rihanna, Sureee Is Looking Good These Days


Do you know who Rita Ora is? Good, because you shouldn’t. There are way more important things in the world to occupy your brain space. The only reason I’m aware of her existence is because it’s more or less my job to keep up with these things, and by ‘these things,’ I mean beautiful women who prance around wearing little to no clothing on Snapchat

For the uninitiated, Ora is essentially a British JV Rihanna: she sings, she’s hot, and she doesn’t seem to give a f*ck. In fact, in all seriousness, there’s actually a lot to like about her. Unfortunately for her, though, Rihanna is still the queen and she’ll always be living in her shadow.

That said, Rita Ora has something Rihanna doesn’t (at least as far as I know): a lingerie sponsorship.

Just like Rita Ora, you’ve probably never heard of Tezenis, an Italian lingerie company, but when you put to the two together, it’s certainly something you should be aware of.

So, here we are.

#helloMIAMI My style, my world, my bra! 💥💥💥 @tezenisofficial #ritaoraxtezenis

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