S/O To Common Ground For Hookin' Up Our Miss COED 2017 Finalists With Sick Swag

If I’m being 100% honest, I’m jealous AF of our Miss COED 2017 finalists. Not only do they most likely still get IDd when they go to the bar (ugh, I miss those days), but they also won some pretty sweet prizes for making it to the finals.
Our friends over at Common Ground Footwear were generous enough to donate 14 pairs, one for each of our remaining contestants, and let them choose the pair they liked best – along with the shoe’s corresponding social issue. The one-of-a-kind company launched in November 2015, aka during the height of the presidential campaign when issues like gun control, immigration, and gender equality divided the country. Their thought behind each unique shoe design was to create opposing viewpoints on each foot, which would then start a conversation and ultimately, lead to progress.
By “walking in someone else’s shoes,” we can find common ground and empathy. The company proudly donates 2.5% of sales to Start Empathy, an initiative of Ashoka, (the largest network of social entrepreneurs) dedicated to building a future in which every child masters empathy.
We’re couldn’t be more grateful for their generosity and determination to make this world a better place. Be sure to check out our gallery of photos from our finalists… oh, and don’t forget to order your own pair (or three). Together, we truly can make 2017 ummm… less sucky.
This post is sponsored by Common Ground, a sponsor of Miss COED 2017.  

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