WATCH: Funny Or Die's Climate Change Swimsuit Edition

These ladies may be hot enough to melt polar ice caps, but they won’t have to considering it’s happening already. What happens when the environment is in crisis? Supermodels spring into action and release a hilarious and sexy glimpse into the effects of climate change.
If you look just at the thumbnail, you probably think you’re in for a typical swimsuit photoshoot video. This video is anything but typical.

Erin Heatherton opens up this piece in a beautiful pink bikini. But then she slaps on a black full-body suit because “it’s like a billion degrees” outside. I don’t get it. Doesn’t that type of outfit absorb heat?
Hannah Ferguson is up next. She’s standing on a tiny tropical island that is mostly underwater because of the rise in sea level. She is modeling a scuba diving outfit. You gotta love the deadpan comedy of these models. “We’re here in the Pacific Islands, which are sinking slowly. Can you imagine even more crystal clear water here?” says Hannah.
Caroline Lowe is the final hot model talking tongue-in-cheek about climate change. She’s standing on a small sheet of ice in the Arctic. “It’s so cool to be shooting here in the Arctic before it melts away, but it’s so cold out here my nipples can cut glass,” says Caroline.
This Funny or Die video has everything: a serious issue tied together with a blend of sexiness and comedy. If you haven’t clicked on the video yet, what are you even doing reading this article?

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