Rayssa Teixeira Melo: Hottest Photos On The Internet

I’ll tell you what: America is the world’s leader in a lot of things, but daytime television is not one of them. We roll out Al Roker’s skinny-fat ass onscreen, but meanwhile,¬†Mexico, Brazil, and Taiwan are showcasing women with ungodly proportions. Doesn’t seem fair if you ask me. America basically invented ‘sex sells,’ yet here we are getting stomped out by countries in a weight class lower than ours.

We now take you to Brazil, where¬†Rayssa Teixeira Melo, who may have the biggest butt I’ve ever seen, is slapping the hell out of TV hosts who get a little too touchy-feely.

During a bizarre sunscreen demonstration, which essentially appeared to be sexual assault in and of itself, the television host was attempting to show how to properly apply sunblock. Now, I’ve never been to Brazil, but from what I understand, it’s quite sunny. So anyone learning how to apply sunscreen though a daytime television segment has much bigger problems than getting too much UV light.

Rayssa had to warn the host multiple times not to go near her bottom, but when he crossed the line one too many times, she had to take action.

And here’s the 13-minute long version of whatever the hell this thing was. Thanks to Rayssa, it certainly isn’t the worst way to spend a quarter of an hour.

Good for this chick for standing up for herself, but if she doesn’t want to get groped by some perv, she probably shouldn’t sign up for a segment where someone rubs lotion on her for 15 minutes.

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