These Dope AF Shoes Are Also Bettering The Planet, Sooo Buy A Pair (Or 12)

To say that 2017 is off to a rough start is an understatement. A petty autocrat is the ruler of the free world, f*ckboys are running rampant, and to top it all off, white wine causes skin cancer. What a time to be alive! Fortunately, Common Ground Footwear recognized how sh*tty this past year has been, and instead of just complaining about it (like me), decided to actually do something.
Officially launched in November 2015, the company set out to inspire empathy and conversation on today’s most polarizing issues like immigration and gender equality. Each of these issues has a unique design that represents opposing viewpoints on either foot. The idea behind each design is to spark a productive conversation between two or more people. According to a not-at-all scientific study done by me, when you can no longer hide behind a computer screen, you’re less likely to go on an all-out rant about why someone else’s viewpoint sucks. Even though it probably does.
Founder John Tawney is a 25-year veteran of the footwear industry (including Nike) and said, “Through footwear, we wanted to emphasize walking in someone else’s shoes and how two people need to work together. Just like two feet. And small steps have impact.”
In other words, buy as many of these shoes as you can because there’s A LOT to be done.
This post is sponsored by Common Ground, a sponsor of Miss COED 2017.  

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