Sommer Ray: Hottest Photos Of The Model

Sommer Ray is a 20-year-old fitness model. Anndddd that’s pretty much all I know about her. But thankfully, we don’t need to know her whole life story to be able to tell that she is absolutely gorgeous. It’s kinda like that scene in Joe Dirt where Joe is trying to describe to Kicking Wing why fireworks are good. There’s no explanation necessary when it comes to admiring screaming mimis or sexy photos of Sommer.

At COED, we’ve previously wrote about a couple of Sommer’s Instagram videos. If you missed these posts, I highly recommend checking them out to get up to speed. And if you have already seen them, you should still give them another look or 100. It really takes repeated viewings to appreciate the nuances in her performances.

While I’ve written about Sommer’s videos in the past, today was all about photos. I’ve compiled a lot of galleries of stunning women over my time here, but this one might take the cake. That’s probably because Sommer’s cake takes the cake. Good Lord, does she boast a fantastic backside.

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