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Watching Sara Underwood Deflate An Inner Tube Is Captivating


Just last week, we were blessed with a magnificent GIF of Sara Underwood putting on a life jacket. I may have watched it a dozen times, but that’s only because safety always comes first.

Yesterday, Sara was back at another exotic locale, and she was kind enough to star in a video of her deflating an inner tube. Watch as this poor inner tube is no match for her.

Wow, that was outstanding! But it was real ironic seeing Sara deflate something given that she does the exact opposite to my penis.

Sara opting to deflate an inner tube rather than trying to inflate one for a video was a real savvy move, though. You ever try to blow one of those pesky contraptions up? You need the lung capacity of f*cking David Blaine to do so. It’s a colossal pain in the ass that never ceases to leave me irritated and gasping for air. Team Pool Noodles for life.

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