Nancy Salem Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Anti-Semitic Pre-school Teacher

Nancy Salem is a pre-school teacher in Texas who was fired recently after a handful of her anti-Semitic tweets surfaced online. Salem pulls no punches in her hateful and ignorant social media spew, saying “kill some Jews” and referring to The Holocaust as the ‘LOLACHAUST.’
Yeesh, and this woman was taking care of children!
Following Salem’s exposure,┬áirate parents bombarded The Children’s Courtyard’s Facebook page with demands that Salem be fired immediately. The school quickly and rightly obliged.

Salem was exposed by The Canary Mission, which is dedicated to shedding light on those who spread racism and hate online. The organization unearthed her string of anti-Semitic tweets and quickly posted them online. They also discovered that Salem was one of 24 anti-Israel activists at the University of Texas who were caught spreading racists and violent thoughts online.

Texas Pre-School Teacher Fired After Tweeting "Kill Some Jews" & "LOLACHAUST"
Texas Pre-School Teacher Fired After Tweeting "Kill Some Jews" & "LOLACHAUST"
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