Miss COED 2017 Finals Starts Right Now – Vote Here!

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! After nearly a year of submissions, voting rounds, and countless social media posts from awesome readers like you, we’re just two weeks away from crowing the winner of Miss COED 2017.

As of 3 pm EST today, voting opened to the public, so make your voice heard. Can’t make a decision? We understand. Luckily, we allow you to vote for multiple contestants once a day, every day, until voting closes on March 8. You can also vote on multiple devices, so if you have a tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. you can vote more than once. You’re welcome!

But before hitting the vote button, be sure to check out each girl’s profile. Not only do their profiles feature some pretty killer selfies, but there are also fun facts about the girls and their respective schools, helping you get to know each of them better and to choose your faves.

Their fate – and tons of awesome prizes – are in your hands. So choose wisely. No pressure.

Vote For Miss COED 2017 HERE 👈🏼

Click on their profile, then choose a favorite! P.S. It’s OK to have more than one. 


Maggie Arceneaux – Tulane University 

Maggie Arceneaux


Lexy Milliken – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Lexy Milliken

Big 10

Marissa Rockenbach – University of Minnesota

Marissa Rockenbach

Big 12

Abbie Edwards – West Virginia University

Abbie Edwards


Alison Mong – Old Dominion University

Alison Mong


Carly Tennes – New York University 

Carly Tennes


Victoria Niles – Western Michigan University 

Victoria Niles


Olivia Penna – Colorado State University 

Olivia Penna


Ashley Williams – Creighton University 

Ashley Williams

PAC 12

Fallon Williams – University of Southern California 

Fallon Williams


Brittany Love – University of Kentucky

Brittany Love


Abigail Rubemeyer – George Mason University

Abigail Rubemeyer


Cloie Luo – University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Cloie Luo


Kristiana Eredia – Grand Canyon University

Kristiana Eredia

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