Michigan State University Goes Way Too Far, Bans White Boards From Dorms

Hey everybody, all our problems are solved! This is a real headline: Michigan State–an establishment of “adults”–is being forced to ban white boards on dorm room doors because they have become “platforms of harassment”. Often times there are reports of offensive language written on white boards and no one knows who wrote it.
I’m gonna throw a wild suggestion out there: if you don’t want people to write on the whiteboard on your door DON’T LEAVE A DRY-ERASE MARKER ON IT. Or as a back up plan you could just erase it.
Now, in some cases if this “offensive language” is racist than thats obviously not OK, and that should go without saying. But from my experience in the dorms the white board vandalism i witnessed fell into pretty much three categories: One, people writing the word “Hi” on the white board. Two, people writing their friends phone number and “call me” on a white board in hopes that their friend gets random phone calls. And three, penises lots of penises. While these may be annoying they were nothing to freak out about and also they can be erased… it’s called a dry erase board after all. Maybe it’s changed in the three years since I’ve been out of the dorms but it seems like a little bit of an oxymoron to ban an erasable surface because people are writing on it. I guess if the freshmen feel the need to draw penises on white boards they will have to do it in the study lounges from now on.
H/T: Erik
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