Apparently, Obese Men Last 90 Seconds Longer In Bed Than Average Dudes

File this one under absolutely shocking: apparently out-of-shape dudes have more stamina in bed than regular-sized folk, with experts claiming that those who have excess fat around their stomachs have better stamina during sex. They may die by the time they’re 65, but while they’re alive, they’re apparently f*cking for longer than the rest of us. Not more, but longer.

According to the study, obese men last for about one minute and 30 seconds longer than their skinny counterparts.

Via Daily Mail:

According to research conducted by Turkey’s Erciyes University, there’s a direct correlation between physical size and endurance.

The reason behind this is because overweight men have a higher presence of estradiol, a female sex hormone, which actually inhibits the male orgasm. This result is similar to those provided by delay creams, which help suspend ejaculation by requiring more stimulus to climax.

Specifically, it adds a little longer onto a man’s average for penetrative sex – with the duration being six minutes for most.

Who would’ve known gaining some weight would add a little stamina? Now exercising is a catch-22. On one hand, the more you exercise, the more attractive you’ll be. But on the other hand, the more attractive you are, the better shape you’re in, and therefore the shorter you last in bed.


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