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Michigan Student Reenacts Cassie’s “Me & U” Music Video After Coming In Last In Fantasy Football League

Greyson Schultz's YouTube


A University of Michigan student finished in last place in his fantasy football league, so he was forced to do a shot-for-shot remake of Cassie’s 2006 smash hit “Me & U.” Watch him bust out some elite dance moves in the video below.

That was a real solid effort. I especially enjoyed him getting close enough to cause the camera lens to fog up, dumping water on himself, and kissing his own reflection. He actually managed to make Alex Rodriguez‘s infamous photo shoot seem normal with that move.

These types of fantasy football reenactment videos are all the rage these days. From Sia’s “Chandelier” music video to the speech from¬†Any Given Sunday,¬†I’ve seen tons of these things. But even though they’ve lost some of their novelty, I still always love checking them out. Because no matter how saturated the marketplace gets, fantasy football and embarrassing your buddies will never go out of style. They are practices as timeless as Cassie bangers.

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