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Genevieve Morton Eats Noodles As Only She Can In Sexy Instagram Video


For the latest entry in director Chris Applebaum’s “EATS” series, Genevieve Morton enjoyed a tasty Original Cup Noodles while in the nude. Watch the 30-year-old model from South Africa work her magic in the video below.

I never thought anybody could make eating noodles that can be bought with couch cushion change sexy, but here we are. Genevieve just showed why she’s one of the best in the biz, making hearts flutter with a meal that’s a staple of broke-ass college students everywhere. If she added a Natural Light into the mix, she pretty much would’ve done a reenactment of my freshman year diet.

For a little bonus, here are some of my favorite previous videos in Applebaum’s “EATS” series. And make sure to give him a follow on Instagram, as he releases these bad boys on the reg.

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