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It Is My Civic Duty To Bring You This Video Of Nina Agdal


@mariahcarey a little bit 💅🏼 #aries @riadazar9 @frankelfresh @marymguthrie

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I’ve long believed that Nina Agdal may be the most underrated chick in the world, which is really saying something considering she’s an internationally famous model.

But even as a Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated model who bangs none other than Leo Dicaprio, Nina is still criminally underrated. Think about it. Do you ever hear her name mentioned with the Candace Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, or Irina Shayk? Never. Even Kate Upton‘s overplayed, rotund ass get more love than Nina which is truly blasphemous.

Therefore, it is my DUTY TO THE PEOPLE to spread the word of this next-level hot video Nina posted to her Instagram. Maybe if I write enough of these stories, Sports Illustrated will finally stop putting Kate Upton on their Swimsuit Issue covers and move Nina up to varsity. The world is ready for it.

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