Meet Miss COED 2017 Finalist, Fallon Williams From USC

By now it’s no secret that what’s on social media is usually far from reality, amiright? If someone says they only took one selfie and posted it, stay far far away because they’re straight up lying. But TBH, Fallon Williams is the real deal.

This lovely lady is only a freshman, but she’s already making quite a name for herself – for all the right reasons. The Theater and Sports Journalism major is a talented singer, dancer, actress and musician and hails from USC – a school with a TON of school pride. Fight on!

The winner of Miss COED 2016 is Fallon’s fellow peer, so we’re wondering if USC is going to take it home for the second year in a row. If we’re being honest, it wouldn’t surprise us based on the number of trophies she won during her last pageant. Seriously….damn.

Although Fallon is obviously flawless, I’ll leave you with a few more fun facts about our girl reppin’ the Pac 12 before you make a decision.

  • She was named IJM Miss California 2017 earlier this year.
  • She’s a member of Delta Gamma.
  • Her go-to late night study snack is mac and cheese (uhhh same 🙋). 
  • It’s always been her dream to attend USC.

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday, February 22 to vote in the finals of Miss COED 2017. You’ll be able to vote for multiple girls once a day for two weeks, so make your voices heard. With your help, one of these ladies – maybe Fallon! – will take the top prize.

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