Meet Miss COED 2017 Finalist, Ashley Williams From Creighton

If days of the week had a ranking system of 1-10 (10 being the best), Sunday night would be like a -3. Luckily tomorrow is President’s Day, so I assume you have off, but if I’m wrong, 1. You know what they say about assuming. 2. Allow me to make the last few hours of your Sunday a little bit better.

We’ve been introducing you to our Miss COED 2017 finalists over the past few days, and next up is Ashley Williams. The sophomore at Creighton University in Nebraska is an English and Secondary Education major and hopes to first become a high school english teacher and eventually work for the Department of Education. Get it, girl.

As an Air Force brat, Ashley has moved 12 times in the last 19 years yet wouldn’t trade her experiences for anything. Her close-knit family has made countless sacrifices, but she doesn’t see it as anything but positive. She’s grateful – and we’re grateful to her father who is currently serving this country.

Although Ashley is clearly a gem, I’ll leave you with a few more fun facts about our girl reppin’ Wildcard North before you make a decision.

  • Currently, she’s living in Colorado. 
  • She’s the Manager and Statistician for the Men’s Club Lacrosse team. 
  • She knows a date went well based on if her cheeks hurt from smiling. (Unfortunately she’s taken, boys). 
  • Her favorite study snack is popcorn. 

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday, February 22 to vote in the finals of Miss COED 2017. You’ll be able to vote for multiple girls once a day for two weeks, so make your voices heard. With your help, one of these ladies – maybe Ashley! – will take the top prize.

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