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Serena Williams’ ‘Sports Illustrated’ Photos May Cause You To Question The Nature Of Reality


Is God real or is it science? Will good always trump evil? What is my purpose? Is Serena Williams hot? Is any of this real? These are the debates that will rage on for as long as man exists on this planet.

On one hand, she’s built like a linebacker. No way around that. Quick stat for ya: Serena Williams checks in at 5’9″, 155 lbs. of straight muscle.

Butttttt, like, she looks good. No way around that either. At what point do you just shake off the middle linebacker mental image and just accept the fact that Serena Williams actually looks pretty damn good in a bikini?

I mean, at the very least, check out that first photo and tell me you aren’t at least curious. What she’s got going on is the definition of a ‘once in a lifetime experience,’ you’re never going to come across that again.

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