Kylie Jenner Is Doing Awesome Things On Instagram In The Name Of Art (?)

Man, this is what I love about art. It’s 1000% interpretative.
If Kylie Jenner thinks wearing a white t-shirt in the shower is art, then so be it. Plus, corny books have been saying shit like ‘a woman’s body is a work of art’ for centuries anyway, so all the more power to her. I haven’t been to a museum in quite a long time, but if there was a Museum of Hot Chicks Taking A Shower, I’d probably be a monthly visitor.

Random side note: isn’t it strange that Vegas hasn’t opened up the books for a Kylie Jenner sex tape release date. Vegas knows no bounds, so I’m surprised they haven’t jumped all over this one. If I were a betting man (which I am), I’d peg the inevitable release date around 2020. Kylie will be a little older, and Kanye will be running for president. If the Evil Empire is truly committed to getting Kanye in the White House, that’s when they’ll do it. Because it will happen… one day.

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