Meet Miss COED 2017 Finalist, Marissa Rockenbach From UMN

It was a fierce battle to the finals of Miss COED 2017, but we managed to lock down the best group of college girls in the country. Okay maybe I’m biased, but these ladies have a TON to offer, so I’m standing by it.
Marissa Rockenbach is a freshman at the University of Minnesota studying Psychology in the hopes of becoming a surgeon. When she first visited UMN, she says she fell in love with the campus, the activities, and the school pride. With only one semester under her belt, her college experience is just getting started – which I’m jealous of, TBH.
Before you make a decision, though, I’ll leave you with a few more fun facts about our girl reppin’ the Big 10.

  • If she could travel anywhere for Spring Break, she would go to Australia or Bora Bora. 
  • She’s planning on going to medical school after graduation. 
  • Her favorite UMN tradition is the unrolling of the school flag during football games. 
  • She’s involved in Undergraduate Surgery Club. 

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday, February 22 to vote in the finals of Miss COED 2017. You’ll be able to vote for multiple girls once a day for two weeks, so make your voices heard. With your help, one of these ladies – maybe Marissa! – will take the top prize.

Meet Miss COED 2017 Finalist, Lexy Milliken From UNCCH
Meet Miss COED 2017 Finalist, Lexy Milliken From UNCCH
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