Genie Bouchard: Top Five Hottest & Sexiest Videos

Genie Bouchard has been in the news a ton lately for all of the right reasons. She appeared in her first ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, resulting in photos that were hotter than lava.

And she also was a woman of her word, taking a fan out on a date after she lost a Super Bowl bet to him on Twitter. There might not be anything more annoying on this planet than welchers, so that was a really cool move.
In honor of the 22-year-old Canadian tennis star’s recent hot streak, I took the time to compile her top five sexiest videos. It was an extremely difficult task, but somebody had to do it. I’m all about going the extra mile for my readers.

Genie on the beach before the 2014 Hopman Cup

Genie smashing her racket

Genie’s shoot for the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Genie’s workout routine

Genie’s shoot for Flare magazine

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