DeMarcus Cousins Got Away With One Of The Most Blatant Travels You'll Ever See

During last night’s game between the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors, DeMarcus Cousins scored a very controversial two points. Midway through the second quarter, Cousins got the ball down low and proceeded to put on a post move clinic. Watch him exhibit grace that would make Hakeem Olajuwon blush.

What hilariously incompetent officiating. I know that NBA refs constantly let extra steps slide, but how the hell did they not see Cousins leave his feet!? That’s as blatant as it gets. I guess they were just scared his crazy ass would have a Jackie Moon-esque meltdown if they called him for traveling.

Those two points wouldn’t matter anyway, as the Warriors cruised to a 109-86 victory. I apologize for this hot take, but are we even sure Cousins is that good? Even though he’s obviously very talented and he never has a legit supporting cast, it’s troubling the lack of success the Kings have had with Cousins. Just look at their regular season records since he came into the league, courtesy of Basketball Reference.
Basketball Reference
It’s hard for me to believe someone is a bonafide superstar when he can’t even get his team to sniff .500. *Mic drop*

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