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Walmart Is Being Sued For Selling Fake Craft Beer


Walmart, which was recently dropped by Warren Buffet, is having a tough week. The retail giant is being sued after the company sold a “craft beer” alongside the likes of Founders, Lagunitas, and Stone. However, it turns out the beer wasn’t actually ‘craft’ at all.

If you’re Walmart, why feel the need to lie about something so inconsequential? You’re a multi-billion dollar company, there’s no need to get caught lying over the semantics of ‘craft beer.’

Via USA Today:

The retail giant is being accused of selling fake craft beers in order to trick customers into paying more in a lawsuit that calls Walmart’s craft beers “wholesale fiction.” Walmart says it’s working in “collaboration” with Trouble Brewing to brew four styles of craft beer.

But here’s the catch: There’s no such brewery.

Government filings say the beer is actually made by WX Brands, and the address listed is for Genesee Brewing, which is based in Costa Rica and makes “cheap college-party staples.” So it’s little surprise one taste-tester describes Walmart’s Red Flag Amber as “good for flip cup.”

The beer’s label said that it was a product of a collaboration between Walmart and Trouble Brewing to create four styles of beer (IPA, Pale Ale, Belgian White, and Amber). However, Trouble Brewing doesn’t exist.

The beer was actually created by the Genesee Brewing Company, which are North American Breweries based in Costa Rica. Genesee is the sixth biggest brewery in America, essentially making it the polar opposite of what ‘craft beer’ is supposed top be.

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