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Nina Agdal Rocks Textbook Hand Bras In 2017 ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’


Remember in Vegas Vacation when Rusty Griswold won four cars in four different slot machines? That’s the type of unreal hot streak Nina Agdal is on right now. From the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, to Maxim, to Health, to wearing a scintillating shaving cream bikini, Nina is on top of the world.

This is Nina’s sixth appearance in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and as per usual, the 24-year-old model from Denmark looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s about time that poor schmuck Leonardo DiCaprio caught a break.

As if those pictures in the gallery above weren’t enough, SI also posted a video to their YouTube account of Nina wearing nothing but pom poms.

So damn sexy. It’s good to know that Nina can always join the Dallas Cowboys cheerleadering squad if this whole modeling business doesn’t work out.

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