Nina Agdal Lands March Cover Of 'Maxim'

I feel like I’ve been beating a dead horse with all of my constant posts on Nina Agdal lately, but the 24-year-old Danish model just keeps doing sexy shit! And I refuse to deprive my readers of any new developments regarding Nina getting virtually naked for photo shoots, as there is absolutely nothing tedious about looking at hot pictures of her.
Nina could do a shoot every day for the rest of eternity and I still couldn’t look away. It’s like when Goodfellas comes on TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You’ve already seen a million times how Henry Hill becomes an egg noodles and ketchup eating schnook, but you’re still going to tune in. Nina is the goddamn Goodfellas of supermodels, which is pretty much the nicest compliment I’ve ever given.
For our latest Nina news, she landed the March cover of Maxim. In the gallery above, I took my favorite pics from the Maxim shoot and mixed in some of her recent Instagram gems. To check out all of her Maxim photos, head on over here. You can also read Nina’s interview, where she reveals that she thought about a career in oral hygiene. She would’ve been the first dentist to ever have a line around the block.

Shanina Shaik Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
Shanina Shaik Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
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