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Man Tries To Impress Girl By Sliding Down Escalator Rail, Breaks Arm In Brutal Fall



Men have been trying to impress females with grandiose gestures since the beginning of time. Most of the time, it’s innocent stuff like putting a sweater over a puddle or buying flowers on Valentine’s Day. But other times, it’s more intense behavior like challenging dudes to fistfights or trying athletic maneuvers you’re clearly not capable of.

We got one of the latter variety today, as this uncoordinated schmuck took a nasty spill off of an escalator rail in a courting disaster.

I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty certain arms aren’t supposed to bend like that. While I’m sure he’s in a world of hurt, I hope that he didn’t regret his decision. A woman flashing her underwear and sliding down an escalator might be the most powerful aphrodisiac of all-time.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t fight nature. It was in his DNA to slide down that rail like it was an ancient mating ritual. Hell, I’m as level-headed as they come, and even I’d do my best Joseph Gordon-Levitt impression from The Walk if I thought I had a shot with a minx like that.

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