Seven Michigan High School Teachers Caught Playing 'F*ck, Marry, Kill' With Their Students

Seven Bangor, Michigan high school teachers who were caught on camera discussing having sex with students have been allowed to keep their jobs. The group of teachers, both men and women, were recorded playing ‘f*ck, marry, kill’ while in a Michigan bar.

A school secretary has resigned and two teachers have been given written warnings.

Via WZZM 13:

The commentary, heard in a six-minute video posted Monday, Feb. 13, to YouTube, shows a group of adults sitting around a table at the Bangor Tavern Bar and Grill. Such comments from seven involved Bangor Public Schools faculty include ratings of who they’d have sex with, marry, or kill.
Bangor Police Chief Tommy Simpson told WZZM 13 he watched the video and while he does not see anything in which to issue charges, it’s something the school is looking into internally.
In addition to the secretary and their resignation, the school attorney said six teachers were involved — two were given written reprimands and four were given verbal reprimands. Many parents at the meeting said they all should resign given the comments.

However, the school’s lawyer says the board’s hands are tied.

“I say that we made our best assessment based on the facts and reasonable minds can differ about things,” said Robert Huber, the school district’s lawyer.

While the board refuses to take further action, parents say they want to recall the entire school board.
Bangor High School parents are reaching out to the Michigan Department of Education to see if any ethical rules were violated.

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