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UConn Women’s Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma Is Overrated

Geno Auriemma

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UCONN‘s women’s basketball team is going for their unprecedented 100th consecutive victory tonight against my #6 South Carolina Gamecocks, and to be honest they’re probably going to win by double digits because they’re just that much better than everyone else. Is it a great accomplishment? It absolutely is. Doing anything successfully 100 straight times is very impressive. And although I don’t watch really any women’s basketball, I’m not taking anything away from the team’s great achievement. What I am going to do though is bash their head coach Geno Auriemma for being a gutless coward. Is that a bit too harsh of a criticism for a coach who’s led UCONN to 11 National Championships, including the last four in a row? It could be, but hear me out before you jump down my throat.

Now in no way, shape, or form am I disputing that Auriemma is anything but a great coach. He most definitely is, but when is enough going to be enough for him at the women’s level? Like doesn’t he want to challenge himself and try coaching a men’s college team or in the NBA? Just to be clear, I’m not saying it isn’t difficult coaching a women’s sport. I know for a fact that most people me could not have the same amount of success that Auriemma has had at UCONN, but I also don’t think that there is anyone that will dispute whether or not he’d have a harder time coaching a men’s college team or an NBA team.

Here’s the thing with Geno, he gets the best talent every year to come to UCONN and unlike the men’s  team, the players don’t leave after one year. Instead, they stay for all four years, giving him endless amounts of talent while he still continues to reload. Meanwhile, every other team just hopes that they can keep it within 20 points whenever they play UCONN. They’re beating teams by an average of 33.1 points a game. That would be unheard of for a men’s team because that just doesn’t happen. So yes, it’s not easy winning 100 games in a row with four straight National Championships along the way, but when you continue to get the best players every single year, it’s actually not that hard, especially when compared to other teams who don’t have the same level of talent.

Auriemma is basically playing Madden on rookie, which for all you non-video game people out there is the easiest level in the game. He basically turns on the game, plays with the Patriots, then beats the hell out of every team he plays on his way to winning a Super Bowl. It literally takes zero skill at all. I would know, I’ve done it many of times in my younger days. It’s also not fun because it’s so easy. You aren’t challenged in the slightest, at least until you start playing on more difficult levels. That’s how I feel about with Auriemma: coaching on the women’s level has become so unbelievably easy for him that he has to find a new challenge.

Last month, FOX Sports released a report in which Auriemma said he “nearly left to coach a men’s team.” Give me a break you loser. Don’t give me that you “almost” left to coach a men’s team. Either sack up and do it or shut up and go back to coaching at the women’s level, where you aren’t challenged at all.

Personally, I think Auriemma is too scared to coach at the next level. He’s never experienced any sort of losing since he’s been at UCONN, and I’d have to imagine he’s the kind of person that would throw a hissy fit if he ever went through a losing streak. So congrats, Geno on never once being challenged since you’ve been at UCONN and getting handed all the best recruits each year. Call me when your balls drop and you decide to take on a new coaching job.

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