NCAA Announces Top 16 Seeds For March Madness Tournament

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Today, the NCAA Tournament committee revealed their top 16 seeds for March Madness. It’s cool to see what the committee is thinking at this point in the season, but Selection Sunday is still four weeks away, so these rankings could change drastically by the time you’re filling out your bracket.

This is the first time the committee has ever released any of their seeds before the regular season and conference tournaments were over. Via USA Today, check out this historic list of the current top 16 seeds in the 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament

No. 1 Villanova (1)
No. 2 Louisville (7)
No. 3 Kentucky (12)
No. 4 UCLA (15)

No. 1 Gonzaga (4)
No. 2 Oregon (8)
No. 3 Virginia (10)
No. 5 West Virginia (14)

No. 1 Kansas (2)
No. 2 Florida State (6)
No. 3 Arizona (9)
No. 4 Duke (16)

No. 1 Baylor (3)
No. 2 North Carolina (5)
No. 3 Florida (11)
No. 4 Butler (13)

Everything seems pretty reasonable to me, except for Butler being included and Wisconsin being left out in the cold. I’m no Joe Lunardi, but I don’t see how the hell a team that’s #22 in the AP poll, 19-5 overall, and in 3rd place in the Big East with an 8-4 conference record is better than a team that’s #7 in the AP poll, 21-3 overall, and first in the Big Ten with a 10-1 conference record.

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