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UCLA Cheerleader Falls Off Pyramid, Then Gets Dropped While Being Carried Off Court



Last night, the #10 ranked UCLA Bruins rallied from 19 points down to pick up a huge 82-79 victory over the #5 ranked Oregon Ducks. But while the Bruins basketball team brought their A game, the same could not be said for their cheerleaders.

Watch Sophie Lellis-Petrie take a nasty spill from the top of a pyramid, then get dropped while being carried off the court.

I can understand Sophie falling off the pyramid, as cheerleading is risky business. Sometimes, you get the crowd on their feet with cool stunts, and other times, you bust your ass for the whole internet to see. It’s a tough racket and shit happens.

But I find Sophie getting dropped the second time 100% inexcusable. Where was the court awareness??? Just a total lack of focus from that slapdick. I felt like I was watching Homer Simpson get medical treatment after trying to jump the Springfield Gorge.

Thankfully, it sounds like Sophie avoided serious injury.

That’s great news, as I’d hate to see anything bad happen to someone on such a powerhouse of a cheerleading squad.

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