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These Guys Had A Golf Round Full Of Beer & Debauchery

Sean Crisco's Instagram

Sean Crisco’s Instagram

There’s nothing like hitting the links with your buddies and having a few cold ones. And with all this bullshit weather in the Northeast, catching a nice buzz on a warm summer’s day while shanking tee shots sounds especially appealing right now.

That’s why I’m insanely jealous of the Instagram video Sean Crisco posted of him and his friends getting absolutely annihilated on the golf course. They went golfing for a friend’s birthday, and it’s safe to say that it was a celebration that he will never forget. Or judging from this footage, a birthday that he will always have fond and hazy memories of.

Watch the pure debauchery unfold in the video below.

Awesome stuff. That was the most reckless behavior I’ve seen on a golf course since they ate pot brownies in Hall Pass. My favorite part was definitely them driving their golf carts to a gas station to pick up beer. I’ve always wanted to do that, as the asinine prices of golf course beers is an epidemic that doesn’t get nearly enough national attention.

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