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Alabama Woman Belts Out A Terrific ‘Roll Tide’ On ‘The Price Is Right’

Mark Armstrong's Twitter

Mark Armstrong’s Twitter

On today’s episode of The Price Is Right, Annette Peterson of Alabama got a chance to spin the wheel. She made the most of her microphone time by shouting out her family, her friend Lisa who brought her to the show, and of course, the University of Alabama.

Watch the 61-year-old belt out a fantastic “Roll Tide” right in Drew Carey’s face.

I don’t even like Alabama, but I f*cking love when people yell “Roll Tide.” The official battle cry of rednecks never ceases to put a smile on my face, and that awesome clip was certainly no exception. Annette provided enough electricity to run The Price is Right’s studio for a month the way she screamed that out.

Unfortunately, Annette spun over $1, and she didn’t get to advance to the Showcase. But who needs some lame-ass vacation when you can go viral for showing your school spirit? While trips only last a few days, memorable The Price is Right moments live on the internet for eternity.

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