KFC Is The Latest Fast Food Joint To Commit A Crime Against Humanity With The 'Chizza'

Look, I love fast food just as much as the next drunk guy. I’ll get a bowl from Qdoba, the 4 for $4 at Wendy’s, sometimes I’ll even f*ck around and get chicken fries from Burger King when I’m feeling a little nostalgic. But I have my limits. I haven’t eaten McDonald’s since I was a naive high school kid. Completely off the board. I’ve argued that Taco Bell’s meat, when considering how inexpensively they produce their protein, simply cannot be safe for the human race. When Subway announced their Pulled Pork & Fritos sandwich, I wondered how the pulled pork was cooked considering Subways don’t have a smoker, crockpot, or grill readily available.
So, when KFC, home of the egregious Double Down, comes out with this Frankenstein-esque fried chicken, pizza, ham, pineapple conglomerate of fat, it goes without saying I won’t be purchasing one anytime soon.
I’m a huge fan of capitalism. Is it perfect? Not really. But it’s the best we’ve got. But at what point does the good of the American people come into consideration? Just because you can sell something, doesn’t mean you should. You got weed dealers getting popped for healing the people, meanwhile the fast-food chains of the world are waging dietary warfare.


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