WATCH: Nearly Two Tons Of Marijuana Disguised As Limes

Border patrol agents in Pharr, Texas hit the jackpot when it comes to pot. These agents seized a shipment of almost two tons of marijuana, totally 3,947 pounds. What’s even more interesting is how the smugglers tried to disguise their cannabis contraband. The smugglers packaged their pot to look like a bunch of limes, but border patrol saw through their plot.
The smugglers packaged 34,000 little green balls of marijuana meant to look like a shipment of key limes. That’s a whole lot of reefer.

Well, I guess folks who toke will just have to stick to the homegrown stuff for now.
The Border Patrol inspection system detected the green disturbance, and the k-9 drug unit sniffed out the pot. At this moment, I can’t confirm whether that bud was dank or not.

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