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Julian Edelman Was Mic’d Up During His Incredible Super Bowl Catch


My father was born and raised in Queens. I was born in Manhattan and raised in northern New Jersey. I am a New York Mets and New York Jets fan, and I haven’t even had a basketball team to root for since the Nets left New Jersey. To put it lightly, it’s less than ideal. I’ve got a total of four championship appearances during my lifetime (Mets World Series is 2000 and 2015, Nets in 2002 and 2003) and zero wins so needless to say, my sports fandom career has been subpar to say the least.

Then there’s Boston, who’ve had 10 major sports championships since the Patriots’ first in 2001, five of which were won by the Evil Empire themselves. The Celtics are classic, the Red Sox are strangely likable, but the Patriots, the Patriots are the f*cking worst. So trust me when I say NO ONE was as upset as I was when the Patriots pulled a fifth Super Bowl ring out of their asses Sunday night.

BUT, I love me some Julian Edelman. Came out of college as a quarterback and seventh-round draft pick, he’s now banging Adriana Lima. That’s some Rocky level shit. If you can’t respect that hustle, you’re whatever species Hillary Clinton is, and need to be swiftly escorted off the planet.

While seeing Belichick & Brady phone in the devil to sell whatever’s left of their souls for a fifth title sucked, I’m happy that it was Edelman of all people to make the play of the game.

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