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Hailey Clauson Stars In Funny or Die Sketch, Posts Insanely Hot Photo To Instagram

Funny or Die

Funny or Die

Following Hailey Clauson on Instagram over the last 24 hours has been an insanely rewarding experience. First, she posted a link to a Funny or Die sketch, where she actually accepted an Instagram marriage proposal from some dweeb. Watch Hailey show off her comedic chops in the video below.

Am I crazy or was that legitimately funny? I’ll fully admit that Hailey’s hotness might be clouding my judgement, but I thought that sketch was hilarious. My only complaint is that they went with such an innocent Instagram comment. I would’ve loved if the sketch dove into the more perverted and strange shit Hailey must get on social media. Her comments probably make J.P. sound like a perfect gentleman.

But as far as Hailey’s performance goes, she was tremendous. There was no awkwardness in her delivery at all, as she had me consistently laughing throughout the sketch.

After she gave her Instagram followers a good chuckle, she let them know that she still has her day job. Check out this diabolical photo from her 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

My dear Lord. So yeah, do yourself a favor and follow Hailey on Instagram. Come for the laughs, stay for the jaw-dropping hand bras.

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