Genevieve Morton Photo Shoot February 2017 [PHOTOS]

Genevieve Morton revealed to all of her Instagram followers what she prefers to wear to sleep. The 30-year-old South African model made this very important announcement with a Marilyn Monroe quote and a picture of her in the buff. Words cannot express how thankful I was for this visual aid.
What a view. And this whole time I thought Genevieve was a footed pajamas type of girl. Color me surprised! Not only is this the sexiest way for Genevieve to catch some Zs, it’s also the most financially responsible decision. Just think about all of the money she saves by never having to do laundry for pajamas. If my body didn’t have the same consistency as cottage cheese, I’d strongly consider making this switch.
Now that I’ve wasted enough of your time on laundry hacks, let’s take a look at some of Genevieve’s recent Instagram hits. I honestly have no idea how she’s allowed to post some of this stuff, but I’d rather not stress over it. It’s like worrying about a sunset. Instead of trying to explain it, I’m much better off just basking in its glory.

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