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Dear HBO, Please Cancel ‘Ballers’ And Create This Rock & Gronk Show ASAP


Somebody far smarter than I needs to run some sort of study to figure out how in the HELL Ballers is still on the air. I’m as big of a Rock fan as they come, and even he can’t save that pile of monotone bullshit. The Rock has the charisma of a meteor yet the writing on Ballers is so bad that even the almighty Dwayne Johnson can’t overcome the adversity. The dude was able to gross half a billion dollars by fighting mother nature (San Andreas), yet he still can’t save the sports version of Entourage.

Before the rest of the world starts realizing how bad Ballers truly is, I humbly advise HBO to jump ship, cancel Ballers, and repurpose the show’s budget into creating whatever the hell the Rock and Gronk feel like doing. These two are balls of electricity on their own, so putting them together has nuclear potential. I’d watch the Rock and Gronk study for the Series 7. I’d watch the Rock and Gronk review game tape of the Patriots-Rams game from this past season. I’d watch the Rock and Gronk literally murder Harambe with a 2×4, and then I’d watch it again.

There are no two dudes on Earth more likable than the Rock and Gronk. None.

COED Writer
A New Jersey native & Rutgers University graduate who firmly believes it's better to be lucky than good. My goal in life is to one day write a Batman screenplay. You can probably find me somewhere cooking either too little or too much pasta. contact me -