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Russell Westbrook Admits To Causing 2x More Parental Neglect Than Any Other Player


While Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder may have shafted Russell Westbrook in the short term, it’s arguably the greatest thing that could have happened to him in the long term. Think about it: Russell Westbrook can do no wrong these days. Does the fact that he’s the most dominant force in the NBA help his case? Sure. But marketing wise, brand wise, there is not a single player in the league more likable than Russell Westbrook. He’s the guy who stuck it out, the guy who stayed. Dude could drill an infant in the head with a basketball that he threw into the stands during a blind rage and it’d be the #1 play on SportsCenter’s top 10.

Combining these consistently hilarious Foot Locker commercials with the league’s favorite son is an obvious recipe for success. It’s no secret that Russell Westbrook’s stats are tearing a hole in the space-time continuum, so doubling down on the absurdity of his numbers was guaranteed to be a home run.

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