Let's Throw It Back To The Time Shaq & Charles Barkley Actually Fought

Over the last week or so, Charles Barkley has been fielding pressure from both Shaq and Lebron James in regards to statements that Sir Charles made about James.
The SparkNotes version of the story is that Barkley said that Lebron needs to stop bitching about the players his team is currently fielding because the Cavs are STACKED. And the man’s not wrong: Lebron’s been whiny AF.
Anyway, Shaq defended Lebron, saying Barkley knows nothing about winning back-to-back championships. This is also very true.
A couple nights later, Lebron would respond to Barkley, essentially saying that he’s been nothing but a perfect role model and player, while Barkley was basically a scumbag. Again, all true.
But then, this happened:
[protected-iframe id=”5bfb6ed5e5793f82ecb4ea090b27ad26-3508545-91726680″ info=”https://streamable.com/e/qihxl?r=p” ¬†height=”450″ width=”750″]
Even at face value, telling Shaq he can’t fight is perhaps the boldest of moves. But when you consider the two have actually fought each other before, it makes Barkley’s comeback that much ballsier.



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