New PC Games: Top 5 Best PC Games Coming Out In February 2017

Every PC gamer knows that real-time strategy games control best with the traditional mouse-and-keyboard setup, presumably making the PC version of Halo Wars 2 better than its Xbox One counterpart. If you’re in the mood for other addictions, check out the hand-to-hand combat-focused For Honor, the distance-shooting war game Sniper Elite 4 or a pair of long-delayed Koei Tecmo games finally getting stateside release.
Here’s a look at the new PC games coming out in February:

5. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Developer: Omega Force
Release date: February 21

It’s hack and slash heaven here, with sprawling, Dynasty Warriors-style battles, strikingly animated characters and countless upgrades and loot stashes to trick out your gear and up your defense and attack attributes. Games like this are usually light on story, but this one promises as well-written a tale as you’d find in an RPG.

PRE-ORDER: Berserk and the Band of the Hawk here

4. Nights of Azure

Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Developer: Gust
Release date: February 7

The sweeping JRPG was released in the Land of the Rising Sun back in 2015, and consoles last year. Now it comes to PC in what promises to be its boldest, best-looking form yet. Anime-style characters vie for magical control of the realm in an engrossing tale.

PRE-ORDER: Nights of Azure here

3. For Honor

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release date: Feruary 14

What would happen if Vikings, samurai and knights all lived at the same time and area? Epic battles, to be sure. Don your armor, shield and blunt-force instrument of choice and learn that sword fighting is nowhere near as easy or breezy as The Princess Bride made it seem.

PRE-ORDER: For Honor here

2. Sniper Elite 4

Publisher: Rebellion Developments
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Release date: February 14

Stalking and taking down unsuspecting fools by wielding death from long distance usually makes for some intriguing side missions in war games, but here it’s the main event. Mixing occasional melee struggles in with the remote gun battles should help keep things feeling fresh.

PRE-ORDER: Sniper Elite 4 here

1. Halo Wars 2

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Release date: February 21

Guide swarming armies of futuristic soldiers to engage in large-scale combat ops, with your finger on the pulse of every strategic maneuver. Only those who think well on the fly will be able to master the rhythms of the game and stay ahead of opposition forces. We welcome the challenge.

PRE-ORDER: Halo Wars 2 here


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