News Anchor Trying To Explain How Teens Use Emojis Is Hilarious

John Hopperstad of Seattle’s Q13 FOX News did parents everywhere a favor by breaking down how teens communicate via emojis. Sorry kids, but your secret code has just been cracked. Watch Hopperstad pull the curtain back and reveal to adults everywhere the seedy truths behind emojis.

Alright who snitched

— bry guy 🇦🇷 (@Bry_Nap) February 2, 2017

That was phenomenal! Listening to his ridiculous rationale for those emojis reminded me of Steve Buscemi going undercover in 30 Rock.

I must’ve rewatched the part with Hopperstad saying, “I hope you die in a fire” five times. How the hell could he possibly think that was a common saying? I guess there’s arson sprees going on all over the world every time a new Chance the Rapper song drops.

I am glad that he didn’t get too involved with some of the more provocative emojis, though. I don’t think my heart could’ve taken him trying to explain an eggplant, water squirt, and peach combo.

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