News Anchor Trying To Explain How Teens Use Emojis Is Hilarious

@Bry_Nap's Twitter

@Bry_Nap’s Twitter

John Hopperstad of Seattle’s Q13 FOX News did parents everywhere a favor by breaking down how teens communicate via emojis. Sorry kids, but your secret code┬áhas just been cracked. Watch Hopperstad pull the curtain back and reveal to adults everywhere the seedy truths behind emojis.

Alright who snitched

— B (@Bry_Nap) February 2, 2017

That was phenomenal! Listening to his ridiculous rationale for those emojis reminded me of Steve Buscemi going undercover in 30 Rock.

I must’ve rewatched the part with Hopperstad saying, “I hope you die in a fire” five times. How the hell could he possibly think that was a common saying? I guess there’s arson sprees going on all over the world every time a new Chance the Rapper song drops.

I am glad that he didn’t get too involved with some of the more provocative emojis, though. I don’t think my heart could’ve taken him trying to explain an eggplant, water squirt, and peach combo.

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