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Kylie Jenner Getting A Wax Statue Seems Redundant Considering She’s Made Of Plastic


Kylie Jenner, 19-year-old Westworld host, shared Snapchat videos documenting the measurement process for her wax statue. Yes, that’s right, the girl who’s famous for being made of plastic is being turned into wax. Oh, the irony.

The youngest member of the Kardashian Empire took to Snapchat as she was measured for her Madame Tussauds statue.

She explained that it takes about six months from the initial measurements to completion, which is nothing to her, considering she’s probably spent an entire calendar year under the knife.

But honestly, the reason I’m writing this post has nothing to do with the wax statue and everything to do with the plastic already attached to her. Kylie was wearing the shit out of some grey biking shorts and a sports bra, so you bet your ass that if her ass is rockin’┬áspandex, I’m going to write about it.

I mean…


Damn. Plastic, wax, or actual human DNA, I don’t care. I’m still in love.

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