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WATCH: High School LB Levi Jones Trolls UF & FSU Before Committing To USC



Today is National Signing Day, and all of the big-time recruits are revealing to the world which college they will attend. Linebacker Levi Jones of Westlake High School in Texas decided to troll the hell out of Florida and Florida State before announcing that he’s committing to USC. Watch the cruel tease in the video below.

Nothing like a quality troll job. The 4-star recruit was like a goddamn Russian nested doll of broken dreams, and I loved every second of it. My only complaint is that Levi didn’t go even bigger. He should’ve kept those shirts on longer, as every extra second with them on would’ve resulted in an exponentially larger gut punch.

I also think that Jones should have really loaded up on the shirts. Why troll two schools when you can troll 10? He could’ve layered up like Randy in A Christmas Story and been ripping out hearts left and right. Small schools, Texas schools, and national powerhouses all could’ve gotten bamboozled. Real missed opportunity there.

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