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Learning There’s A Human Named Kobe Buffalomeat Has Been The Best Part Of National Signing Day

Kobe Buffalomeat's Twitter

Kobe Buffalomeat’s Twitter

Just when I thought that Levi Jones’ epic troll job was going to be the highlight of National Signing Day, I came across the greatest name that I’ve ever seen.

Meet Kobe Buffalomeat. The 6’7″, 285 pound offensive lineman from Lawrence, Kansas has committed to Illinois State, and I’ve already placed an order for his jersey.

Such a fantastic name. It’s part something Kobe Bryant would call his penis, part an exotic burger, part a folk hero name from the Wild West, and 100% badass. He’s most definitely a road grader type, who’s going to bring his lunch pail to work every day. Watch him pancake some poor souls in the highlight video below.

Kobe also seems to have an awesome sense of humor about his unusual name, as these are some of the tweets he’s retweeted today.

Even Jordan Peele himself had to get in on the action!

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