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Hailey Baldwin Lights It Up In ModelCo Photos


via ModelCo

Am I the only one who gets Hailey Baldwin and one of the Hadids confused? All these 20-something blonde models are starting to cross my wires. Not that I’m complaining.

The new set of photos is to promote Hailey’s second collection forĀ Australian makeup brand ModelCo. I’ve never heard of them because, well, I don’t wear makeup nor am I Australian, but if this is the type of ad campaign they’re producing, I can definitely get on-board.

According to ModelCo, the artsy black and white pics are part of the ‘Intimacy’ campaign for Hailey’s collection:

“I have always loved the world of beauty and was thrilled to be given the chance to show my creativity by collaborating with a cult-cool brand like ModelCo,” Hailey said about her collection back in November.

“I feel that ModelCo has a modern, innovative approach to beauty and I love that my fans can now create my personal beauty style.”

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