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WATCH: Krislian Rodriguez Enjoys Some Tequila In Sexy Instagram Videos

Chris Applebaum's Instagram

Chris Applebaum’s Instagram

For Chris Applebaum’s latest in his “EATS” series, the director had model Krislian Rodriguez break out some salt, ice, limes, and tequila. Usually when these ingredients join forces, they only lead to poor decisions, regretful text messages, and vast amounts of vomit.

But thankfully, that wasn’t the case in these two videos. For the first and possibly last time ever, Krislian makes this demonic concoction look like a great idea. Enjoy the ridiculously sexy Instagram videos below.

That was amazing. It more than makes up for all of the gross-ass, creepy body shots that I’ve seen go down over the years. My only concern is that I hate to see all of that expense PatrĂ³n go to waste. Hopefully, they got a shammy to adsorb that precious liquor and squeezed it back into the bottle. A penny saved is a penny earned.

For a little bonus, here is a gallery of Krislian’s most recent Instagram hits and links to some of my favorite videos in Applebaum’s tremendous “EATS” series.

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