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WATCH: Attractive Young Lady Suffers Unfortunate Butt Injury While Dancing



Bonnie-Lee Brown was getting ready for a typical night out with the girls when disaster struck. While performing some elite dance moves, Bonnie-Lee dropped it a bit too low and suffered a horrific butt injury. Watch her take an accidental trip to an unlicensed proctologist in the video below.

What a bummer. One minute, you’re ripping shots with your besties, and the next, you’re getting skewered by a shoe rack. Nothing puts a damper on your night like an unwelcomed butt intrusion.

Via The Sun, this ended up being a pretty serious injury too.

She was left needing three stitches for a painful wound in her buttock and an injection to prevent infection.

But Bonnie-Lee saw the funny side when she uploaded the video to Twitter last night with the caption: “So I ended up with a pole up my bum on Saturday night and had to have three stitches on my a**e cheek and a tetanus jab, how was your weekend?”

In the comments, she added: “Don’t ask me why I was sl*t dropping to this song because I don’t know.

“It didn’t go up my a**e, it went into my a**e cheek which is why I had to have stitches.

“You should see my bum it’s so bruised it’s unreal.”

I guess if Bonnie was looking for a silver lining, it’s a miracle that pole only assaulted her cheek. I’d hate to see someone literally tear themselves a new asshole.

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