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J Lynne: Hottest Photos Of Scott Disick’s New Girlfriend


Kardashian Empire be damned, Lord Disick is gonna have his. Kylie Jenner turning into an android? So what? Kanye West sitting in his basement playing Russian roulette while he listens to Yeezus in reverse? Not his problem. Wife and kids? Screw it. He’s chain smoking cigarettes with Jessica Harris – professionally known as J Lynne – in Miami if he wants to.

According to TMZ, Lynne is a Next model from Philadelphia who recently moved to Florida. At first, I was going to write that Disick could do better than this, but then I looked up his net worth and it’s nowhere near where I thought it’d be. According to the Google machine, the boy is worth $12 million. $12 million is a shit ton, but he acts like he’s worth way more than that, which I definitely respect. Perception is reality folks.

Anyway, this is J Lynne and she’s definitely hotter than anyone we’ve slept with and apparently you’re curious what she look’s like so here you go.

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