As Of Today, Marijuana Is Officially Legal In Maine

While constitutional rights may seem to be crumbling left and right only two weeks into Trump’s America, the march towards the legalization of marijuana continues.¬†Up in Maine, the first tangible results of state voters’ decision to legalize marijuana are becoming a reality as possession and home growth of marijuana have officially become legal.

Voters narrowly passed the ballot question in November, and the waiting period between the vote and marijuana’s legalization has expired.

Via Business Insider:

Contentious aspects linger, including what rules should govern businesses that will sell marijuana, such as retail stores and social clubs. The Legislature has been hammering out those details, and they will take months to fully craft, meaning it will be months before marijuana businesses open in the state.

But it’s legal to smoke it as of Monday. It’s also legal to gift it, grow it and possess up to 2.5 ounces of it.

The vote to legalize marijuana in Maine was close, passing by only about 4,000 votes.  Massachusetts, California, and Nevada also voted to legalize recreational marijuana with a referendum last year.

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